NFL Sunday Ticket on You Tube

You. YouTube is adding chat, highlights and sports to its NFL Sunday Ticket. Hear about it at Urban Legends and Stranger truths. The Youtubeification of the NFL Sundays is already well underway as the company gets ready to host its first season of football. YouTube's first priority for the 2023 NFL season is simple show the game that it paid billions to broadcast without buffering or blackouts

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Edward Oribhabor
@Edcellent · 2:52


YouTube TV subscribers will pay a lesser fee compared to those who don't have YouTube TV. I also like how the NFL is trying to get fans to be more engaged with their product by having these live chats during the games. I know it's going to be a lot of crazy fans saying some crazy stuff on there, so you just hope they keep it clean. But it's going to be hard to ask for
bob dennis
@Urbanlegends · 1:03
Who are attending the actual games in the stadiums were really nothing more than props, because there wasn't that much money to be made from the attendance at the stadiums. That once again, it was all because of the marketing and the advertising. So it's interesting to see what has happened over the years and how it has changed and how the marketing has grown, and at times the marketing being almost more so than the game