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Bear steals Taco Bell delivery

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Gutierrez and Daniel Bula, who live in the Longwood neighborhood of Orlando, shared security camera footage of the moment the bear approached their front door and then walked off with the bag of Taco Bell food that had just been dropped off by the delivery driver. And of course, the video shows the bear returned a few moments later for the soft drinks also had been delivered alongside the food. Gutierrez says that the are a common sight in their neighborhood, but the food theft was a first for them

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Good afternoon, Mr. Dennis. I apologize there is a bit loud around. Well, thank you again. That was literally hysterical. I don't know. That bear's gonna have a bad night. First off, depending on what they ordered, and especially because he came back for the soda, I can guarantee you that Bear is never going to do it again. Well, as long as it's just that Taco Bell
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