Wine Floods Portugal Streets

But these are difficult times for wine producers across Europe. Portugal's wine consumption is on the freefall, down some 34%. The European Union said that this summer, citing inflation and other pressures. Larger countries such as France and Germany were also seeing double digit declines. Distalia. Lavaria says it is investigating the cause of the breach that sent the wine cascading down the town streets. The distillery also thanked the local firefighters, who were able to corral some of the wine and take it to a treatment plant

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Arthur Benitez
@Arthur_Dante · 4:51
My girlfriend does like to drink some wine from time to time, but she and I, we are not aped consumers of this product. I think we would rather have some other drink. For instance, whenever we go to a fancy restaurant to have a drink, we do this like every other week. We don't usually order wine by itself. My girlfriend, she does order a drink which contains a bit of wine, but it is mixed with several other more sugary and more sweet flavors
bob dennis
@Urbanlegends · 2:47
And that was really part of the reason why I posted it. That and the thought that there are people all over the world who are starving to death who are not getting food products because we produce too much in some parts of the world and that includes the US. And we just throw it away and that just doesn't seem right