Rosemary the Forgotten Kennedy

And later on, it would become the American with Disabilities Act. Rosemary never recovered to her vibrant self that she was before the lobotomy and lived to be the age of 86. She died in 2005. Institutionalized now, lobotomies are no longer performed. However, they're not illegal in the US. Dr. Walter Freeman performed his last lobotomy in 1967, and that patient died. For Urban legends and stranger truths. I'm Bob Dennis

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Ty Dobbs
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I think we're going to accomplish what used to take us 100 years, years and 50 years or less. So let's see what happens. And here's to break in the norms and watching science and everything evolve at such a rapid rate where it's hard to even keep up
Girls ThatLGirls
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Salmonella. And what are the things that we're doing to continue to treat people like this? And now in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions or even billions of people like she was treated
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bob dennis
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Hi. Pretty much lobotomies are not done anymore. However, the new lobotomy, I really do believe, is the over prescribing of medications in America, much less so in other countries. There's a sign outside of a doctor's office
bob dennis
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Now, there is a comment that I saw and I actually copied, and I'm going to have to try and take a second here to look for it because I would like to share it with you, if I may. And that is in regards to doctors and something that I think should be put on the front door of every medical facility in office. Because today's lobotomy is not the invasion of the cranial structure