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80 year old Grandmother rings church bells of Hungary #1279

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It. She's 80 years old, known as Auntie Ilanka, and rings heavy church bells every day in Hungary. Hear about it at urban legends and stranger truths. Following in the footsteps of her family's past five generations, Josephine Zedlanka, or Auntie Ilanka, as she is widely known, leaves her home to the nearby bell tower at least twice a day

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In a sort of tangential way, this reminded me of something I saw the other day of a 91 year old woman in flip flops climbing a fence and then climbing a tree, shaking it for fruit, and then climbing back down again and just thinking about how it doesn't matter our age. There's still something youthful about us, still something mature about us. We're these full, entire human beings inside a package that just happens to have a number slapped onto us
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