bob dennis
@Urbanlegends · 3:32

Can money buy happiness? Americans say yes.

And Millennials may have higher financial aspirations because they've experienced some significant headwinds in their adult lives, including their Great Recession, when many were entering the workforce as well as struggling to get a foothold in the housing marketplace. Amid high mortgage rates and high housing costs, about seven in ten Americans said that having more money would solve most of their problems. According to the study, which was conducted by the Harris Poll, the group surveyed more than 2000 American adults between August 7 to August 14 of 2023

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Kwa NateKo
@kwa · 4:58
The best money can do is improve in a lot of things in life. The best they can do is improve from where I'm at, but they no longer have the power to make me happy. It has to be not just start from young. It has to have a certain amount of consistency. Consistency and growth from a young age or young enough age