Space X dominance in space

Part of SpaceX's success and supremacy in the industry today is a matter of circumstance. Europe's Aryan six rocket and the United Launch Services Vulcan Centaur, two likely SpaceX competitors, are experiencing delays ahead of their debut flights. The US. And other Western nations have pulled away from launching spacecraft aboard Russian rockets due to the war in Ukraine, sending business to SpaceX and others as well. As those new rockets come online and others develop, further SpaceX dominance in the launch could abate

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Arthur Benitez
@Arthur_Dante · 4:52
So, yes, astronauts are just a miracle. So the problem is exactly that. We went to the Moon and realized like, well, we can continue to send ships, but sending a robot would be 100 times more cheap and we can do it even more efficiently because the robot we don't care if the robot survives, we don't care if the robot returns, we can even decide it to not return