Orangutan Beatboxers

Quote Orangutans are also capable of producing both types of sound and both at once, the quote continues. For example, large male orangutans in Borneo will produce noises known as chomps in combination with grumbles in combative situations. Female orangutans in Sumatra produce something called kiss squeaks at the same time as rolling calls to alert others of a possible predator threat. The fact that two separate populations of orangutans were observed making two calls simultaneously is proof that this is a biological phenomena, end quote

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Edward Oribhabor
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Thanks for the invite, Bob. The art of beatboxing has been transcended over the years in large part due to technology. Now, when it comes to orangutan beatboxers, this is new to me. How animals communicate with one another is quite unique as it pertains to music. One song that stands out to me with animal song with animal sounds is Animals by Maroon Five. That's all I have. Until next time. Take care