Billionaire Bunkers #1348

Well, to balance that out, there's also a powerful water cannon that can take down parachuters or even an Apache helicopter, whatever's coming your way within 500ft, end quote. That according to Corby, if those aren't good enough, there's flamethrowers closing steel walls and gassing systems, leaving nothing to waste. The dirt excavated to build the moat around the security system was used to form a man made mountain as additional fortifications

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Michael Knight
@MK1981 · 0:51
The most disturbing thing about this isn't the prepping, because I think people always have done that kind of thing, like looking into the future, seeing threats, and trying to prepare for that. But my big concern now that after listening to this, my mind thinks, well, they've already spent this money. It's kind of like what we see with a lot of companies forcing people to go back to the office, even though productivity is pretty much the same if you work from home