Bedtijd verhalen voor rebelse meisjes

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🙏🏻 @UnityEagle

Sylvia, you have been missed. I hope you are doing well or at least that life is treating you. Not too bad in 2021. And thank you for giving us a bedtime story. It's always a pleasure to hear things in other languages. Thank you
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Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:41
Unity Eagle, thank you so much for this bedtime story. I loved listening the story in your voice, listening to the story in your voice. And though I don't understand a word of Dutch, I could hear something about or Charles Babbage, whom I assume you're referring to the person who is known as the father of the computer. And at the end, I heard in the conclusion that the word computer program. I'm assuming that this is a story about how somebody turned to programming
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Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

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Unity Eagle
@UnityEagle · 0:37

@SeekingPlumb @wordsmith thx for listening and you are absolutely right tha

Hey, Christina, it's good to be back for as long as it will last. Today. I had some breath so I could use my voice and word. Smith, you were completely right. It was about the person who wrote the first computer program. So, yes, I. And though you don't know my native language, you guessed it right. And thank you for listening
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