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Should the NFL pay Superbowl Perferomers?

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Because while the NFL is very popular, and I know a lot of people watch football just on a weekly basis, but the Super bowl, amongst any other television event, is one of the most watched just yearly. And a big part of that is the halftime performance and the artists that are going to be featured on there. And so for them to say that Usher got paid only $671 by the NFL for the Super bowl, that's kind of a little bit disrespectful

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While both are performances in front of a crowd, one is something that the artist does on their own purely to generate revenue and tour, and the other one is something that's being done because it's something that every single artist in the world aspires to do one day. You want to get a Grammy award, you want to sing at the Super bowl, you want to be seen on the biggest stage on the planet, and I think that that's what this is
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I've never seen that happen in my life of watching concerts where they came up there with the roller skates and I mean, they rocked it. It was great. How do you only make that kind of money for that? That's ridiculous. Even though, because people know who usher is anyway, so it's not like that publicity is going to make him bigger. It may help his career to come back to where it used to be because after a while he had fizzled away
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I asked around for some answers

So there's a lot of people that actually, quote, work a Super bowl that aren't getting paid. If you go up to concessions and the people that are taking care of you in concessions, they're definitely getting paid. But there's a lot of people that volunteer on the field. And he said, we got field passes for a large number of volunteers that each had roles to play. However, they did not get paid, and that is pretty consistent with a lot of major events
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And you know, something strange about that, Phil. And thanks a lot for the information. I never ever knew that these people did not get paid. I had no idea. And the original post I love, because you guys brought something that I never know. He said he made $671, which is more than anyone else usually make if they don't get paid at all, which is shocking
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My afterthought: maybe a percentage of the Revenue? Like royalties? Everytime its replayed?

You. If they're paying you, then they probably have more say over your performance and then might also have their hand in your pockets after the fact, depending on what endorsements you get from that event. So I think it's better to stay independent and use of your name and likeness in the endorsements that come out of you performing
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