Different, Not Broken: The Radical Beauty of Neurodivergence

We see things, feel things, and interact with things in ways that neurotypical people can't even imagine. Why would we want to try to be neurotypical? We are here at IRL to support neurodivergent people of any age to be themselves. We don't want to change who you are. We just want to support you in learning to interact in a world with neurotypicals who just don't get you. If this sounds interesting, then we invite you to follow us

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J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:09
But he has matured a lot, and that has been helpful. So I say all this to say that I'm so grateful to come across this post, and I'm so thankful to the universe for aligning, because I literally said that on that person's. Swell cast is I'm looking for resources to help me as a parent of a teenager. And here is your post today about the services that you guys offer


And that we all, no matter our neuron diversity, have beauty in the strengths that we have and in the collage that our struggles make up as well. Just the entire picture of who we are is amazing. And it doesn't have to be about one person over another or one person under another. Like, let's just drop the hierarchies. Let's just see each other accept each other. Yeah, I think I'm in one of those times where I'm feeling outside a lot lately
Avi Chand
@avichand · 5:00


That you're either a farmer or a new man, and both are perfectly fine. And I don't even care if the farmers understand my way of life. I just want to be left alone. I just want to be left in my own devices. I don't care if A understands, B understands or accepts A just the way it is. And I see it all as science, as good science. I see it as evolution. That's all
Avi Chand
@avichand · 4:57


And I was the guy who would make people laugh in meetings. I was the clown. I was the meeting clown. And people used to say, oh, you're so funny and everything. That was me being me. Sometimes my boss would get angry and say that, so I would keep coming up with ideas. And my boss, once she got very angry and said, look, ideas are time. A dozen execution is where you need to focus
Swell Team
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And if there is some notion that neurodivergent individuals are statistically fewer in number, then that would mean that there are fewer glimpses of being understood, potentially, and so then fewer possibilities of being seen, of knowing that we exist. And I'm sort of blending, yes, philosophy here, but literally communication as well. When I speak, neurotypical intuit meaning between the words and between the sentences that I simply do not inject into those spaces