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Is your heart full? Or empty?

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But here, now, I just want to talk about something different. When I need a coconut, while going to temple, I usually try to purchase the one which seems to have the most water in that. For that, I shake it a few times and try to listen to the sound of water inside it. This is common, you would say. But I just realized one thing today. When the coconut is completely filled with water, literally no sound comes from within it

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Lost Millennial
@voiceprojekt · 0:31
I love the way you actually analyze these things. I really love the idea of the coconut and how you represent people with the coconut. So I think that's very much true even in the case of people like the person who is having everything and the person who is not hiding anything at all probably looks very same from the outside. But you only know when you break the book on it. Like in this case, when you actually talk to them, when you get to know them
Aayan B
@aayanisms · 3:36
There isn't any more absolute white or absolute black. There is the mid path which keeps on swaying from one side to the other. What makes sense to you may not make sense to somebody else. Somebody's chicken is someone's burger. Sorry if you're a vegetarian there but that's the energy that came to my mind. And so one has to stay fluid as compared to staying solid in the previous generation