Allowing our Children to Live a Purpose-Filled Life

She sat on the couch crying because she felt overwhelmed at having to plan out her next eight years of life. What classes and extracurriculars will she take in high school to ensure she'll get into a good college so she can get a good job and not end up on the street? That is literally the drama that was going on in her head over this. And anyone who knows my daughter knows that school was always more of a social occasion than anything else

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And so therefore we have become, as a society, like an assembly line in a factory where year after year, batch after batch, a set of people are getting manufactured, produced and thrust into the market. And what it does in turn is to create an atmosphere of mediocrity. Because if all people are thinking the same way, then someone is not thinking the right way, isn't it? And history is replaced with instances where people who have thought differently have gone on to create their own history


We need to get out of that. We need to, each one of us, embrace what we are called able to do, embrace our passions, because we all had unique passions and it's all needed in the world. No matter what that looks like from all levels, we need it. And, yeah, thank you so much for your reply
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I really did enjoy that. And it's good to hear that there are people who want more for their children. I think most people just want success and happiness and joy for their child. And that success, happiness and joy doesn't equate to being a doctor, lawyer and having the American Dream fulfilled. It equates to really living out their passion and following the call of their soul, which is really great that you talked about