The Magic of Saying YES

That is the moment of hesitation that has you walking away from the magical idea without further consideration. It probably sounds something like this. You could never pull that off. You'd never make enough money. What would your parents or spouse, friends, boss say? People would think you're crazy. You don't know anything about that. How would you ever make that work? That sounds completely irresponsible. You'd never have the money for something like that. Does that sound familiar?

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 1:22
And rather than finding all the reasons not to the doubt, the fear, the limit beliefs, push that past that and find all the reasons to say yes. Find all the reasons that it actually could work or will work. Or factual evidence, or examples of people who have already done it, or something similar. Basically, just like your brain wants to trick you to say, science not possible, but I'm sure there are examples to show, yeah, it didn't work for this person
Aayan B
@aayanisms · 2:30

Growth Mindset

They began focusing on the comma is missing here, the semicolon is in the wrong place, the grammar is wrong here, and maybe this particular point is not correct, and so on and so forth. They began nitpicking on the whole article. It got me thinking. We spend copious amounts of time in finding faults or finding ways for some idea to not work, instead of focusing on the three things needed to make it work


Thank you for your comment. Yes, absolutely. That is that is the challenge, isn't it, is finding people that are able to have that growth, mindset to look for the possibilities, to realize that anything truly is possible. Possible. And the only thing that is limiting us is our minds, the things that we tell ourselves, which are largely based off of our conditioning. Just like you said. Absolutely. Thank you for your comment


And it's just by taking those microsteps and just move forward and not try to label it or have any expectations around it just I have this passionate moment and I'm just going to follow it and I'm going to do this one thing, and then maybe I'll do another thing and I'll just open myself a little bit more. And this guy kind of goes back to your post on the synchronicities I think you did a while ago
Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 1:05
Yes. I love that you mentioned taking it that one step farther, because I almost said that in my original swell, and I was, like, running out of time. It's fine. She gets it. But yes. Honestly, when I started on this path, I didn't know anyone who is doing what I'm doing now. I'm opened up to a whole new world where I realized there are a ton of people doing what I'm doing