Tremaine Hinds

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can you watch something more than once?

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"…Hi, everyone. So for this swell, my question is, can you watch movies more than once? I know there's some people that can only watch something once, no matter how good it is. And then there's people like me who can watch something over and over if I hinds it amazing. I know I just said movies, but we can talk about TV shows, too. So can you watch anything more than once? I've seen the show Bates Motel around five times.…"

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Chelsea Hanawalt

@allowthesun · 3mo ago · 1:37

"…So, yeah, I tend to watch the same movies around like a holiday and yeah, I agree. I like Frozen too. I teach early childhood, like preschool age and yeah, it's always like Frozen has not died. Like everyone loves Frozen. But yeah, I really like preferred Frozen too. And yeah, I haven't watched Beats Hotel or Motel or the other movies that you mentioned, so I'll have to check those out.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 3mo ago · 1:04

"…Can I watch stuff more than once or can anyone watch stuff more than once? Yeah, it depends on the person. I for instance, there's a show of mine that I watch almost every year, sometimes a couple times within a year. And that's beyond belief factor fiction. I'm pretty sure it's well beyond your time from judging from your picture and how you sound. Sound a bit younger than I, but yeah, also The Sopranos I happen to watch often, the Wire.…"

Oh yea it’s all good!


Taylor J

@Taylor · 3mo ago · 1:01

"…Hey, Tremaine. I love watching movies more than once, but I think the caveat for me is that I can't do that if I just watched the movie. I think I have, like, maybe a six month window there that it's too fresh for me. That's a rule that I have broken very few times, but I have broken it for some movies that I tend to want to show people.…"


Swell Team

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Matilda Mubiru

@Musing_Matilda · 3mo ago · 4:27

"…But I definitely appreciate it so much more because it's just like when you have something of quality, the way you talk about baits motel, I can tell that you feel like and believe it is a quality show worthy to be rewatched over and over again. And finding stuff like that is unique and it should be cherished. Also, in terms of Frozen, technically, yeah, it's out of my age range too, but I also don't care. I'm a really big kid.…"



Kane 🎬🎸🎤🎲

@Jaseva · 2mo ago · 3:36

"…Not necessarily an important film, but just some bubblegum summertime movies that I've enjoyed for years. And that is Predator. The original Predator. Again, this is just, for example, watching The Predator. First time you're involved with what's going on, the action and so forth. And then you hear something about the film. Like for example, one of the actors in the Predator was a scriptwriter that he actually punched up the script while they were filming.…"

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grace pouri

@gracepouri · 2mo ago · 0:49

"…Hi. So I've never seen bates motels, so I don't really know much about that, but I don't watch too many movies. I watch a lot of shows, though, and I definitely can say that I've watched some shows more than once, for sure, maybe more than four times. I rewatched grazing, adding me so many times. Rewatched teen wolf many times. I rewatched white collar. I rewatched the vampire diaries.…"


Ben Dickson

@bdickson11 · 2mo ago · 0:55

"…These are things that I found myself tending to or genres that I found myself tending to go back towards. For example, I watched The Office through seven times, and I would say that I still find the same enjoyment from it on the 7th time as I did on the first time ever watching through it. I think that's a really interesting question, and I think it can also change person to person. But personally, I definitely think you can.…"

Isabella Croston

@isabellaa · 2mo ago · 0:40

"…Like, I couldn't even count it on, like ten hands. Like it's insane. We'll rewatch things a million times.…"


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