Tremaine Hinds

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the downplay of certain majors in college

College Voice USA 🇺🇸

"…There are people who direct, write plays, build sets, work on lighting and sound. There's a whole world to theater besides acting. Some theater may just graduate college and become lighting technicians, directors, and so much more. I also think people should remember that people go to college to do what they're interested in and passionate about, or they go to discover what their passion is.…"

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Kyla Norton

@kkylaa · 2mo ago · 2:15

"…I actually knew little to none about theater. So that was really interesting that you shared what potential careers look like post grad, because I would have never guessed. But yeah, I can relate to kind of that feeling though, because I know in probably many business schools, it's usually like accounting and finance are like the big two. And someone with marketing, I know a lot of people are like, oh, okay. And it feels like they're like, isn't that just common sense?…"


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