how was your permit test?

Hi, everyone. So I don't know how to drive. I don't have my license. And the main reason I don't have my license is because I'm from New York City, and I have grown up on buses and trains or walking. That was the way I got anywhere, and it was honestly very convenient

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Sebastian Cahill
@sebc23 · 1:37
You have to turn and you're at a stop sign or whatever. What do you do? And that was something that I had a lot of trouble visualizing and I probably should have asked for it on paper so that I could kind of like draw out the scenarios. So I would say don't be afraid to ask for it on paper, or if you would prefer to take it online, ask if it's a possibility for you to do that
grace pouri
@gracepouri · 0:45
It took me only, like, 20 minutes. So I definitely would never think any questions. But I personally think even if you're going to read those handbooks, but you'll still be really good about it. Especially. This is for California. If you end up in New York, I don't know how different it is. And also, it could have changed because I did do it, like, six years ago. But yeah