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Hi, I am Ajay Sood. My cyber alias is travelure. T-R-A-V-E-L-U-R-E. You can find me on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, anywhere through travelure using that handle except on Twitter. It is the travelure my website is in. It has over 300 posts, predominantly on travel and on photography. So I'll be sharing my cell casts soon enough with you. Till then. So long

#FirstSwell i make destinations desirable

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So do give that swell a listen, and if you like it, do drop a reply on it, because, you know, by listening to other people's swells and replying on the swells that you like, you can actually connect with more people on this platform and basically kickstart your own swellcasting journey. And I'm here to help you with the first step of it. So, yeah, do give it a listen and welcome once again
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Hi, Aishani. Thanks for dropping by and listening to my first. I'll surely listen to the link that you have sent to me, and I hope that I find this platform really engaging. Looking forward to it. Cheers