Traveller Yoki
@traveller_yoki · 2:51

Magic happen everyone every second

Buddha magic happens every second in our lives. Every second we learn amazing magical things in our lives. In my bicycles travel once of my magic one of my magical moment is this one day I almost cycled 80 km. I cannot find any hotels, any restaurants in that place. In that moment I'm causing some village I don't know the village name on that email process of someone asking Continue, how can you serve money from this group who do the money for you?

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Arushi Patkey
@arushipatkey · 0:24
Wow. You've cycled 80 km. It was my dream to cycle just about 34 km. I love cycling. The way the breeze hits your face, you feel so fresh and motivated and energized. And I feel we should do it early in the morning so that the sun doesn't hit you and you do not drain out. But kudos to your experience. Yeah
Traveller Yoki
@traveller_yoki · 0:23


Yeah, thank you I don't know English also very well but message to you motivation to me I'm traveller not 80 km per day total My destiny is thousand sorry 12,000 km thank you if you like to cycle we can choose any other places we can meet up