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Cheers 🥂

When you become dehydration, your overall health is put at risk and you are more likely to feel tired, have an increased heart rate and experience confusion. Staying hydrated doesn't have to be just having water alone. It could be even done by having fresh juices or a tender coconut oil. The happiness we gain through traveling is immense. A small mistake of not having enough fluids should not ruin our happiness. Remember to stay hydrated while traveling. Thank you

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Precautions before Cheers!!!!!

You're absolutely correct. Traavana about the importance of staying hydrated. This one thing I wanted to add whenever we are traveling, it is very important to keep water or any added juices and some snack items with us because at times it happens we are traveling hours after hours to isolated areas or highways where there might be no local people or availability of other requirements. So it is always recommended, rather than taking risks. Always do carry something which might serve the emergency. And carrying water is always a must
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That is actually very valid and correct points. Nahar, everybody should consider taking at least some snacks with them while traveling in case of emergency. Actually, no one knows what happens while traveling, so it is better to be safe then. Sorry