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Reversing aging through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

But the interesting thing here is that the treatment is so straightforward, something that has done for other types of patients in the past, but that they have tried it out for a regular population and they seem to see those cognitive benefits in that sample set a lot of caveats. There very small study, just 35 part spent and the control group was like 30, 33 people or something like that

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Intellectual Tourism Open Swellcast
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I'm attaching below a link to the actual research published in the peer reviewed Journal aging

A curious thought. 60 minutes segment:

So this may seem like a tangent, but I am coming around again. I watched a segment on 60 Minutes last night that was talking about long haulers of COVID and the symptoms they're having and that they can't identify, identify anything that's specifically wrong

Oops!! 😆

Is it hyperbolic? I meant hyperbaric. Sorry
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@SeekingPlumb - what about the converse?

Is that in some way as a side effect helping with some cell regeneration? Could there be a beneficial side effect of going through Co over it again? Need people who are more informed and educated to kind of opinion on this. But these are just interesting speculation at this point

Interesting! @arish

That is an interesting idea. Like there are so many other factors to consider. But I do wonder then, like the degree of hypoxia, if that plays a considerable role or not in longterm effects. I do think think I remember them saying that there's some sort of a gene or something that shows whether someone's going to have they're calling them long haulers who have these long term symptoms, but they can only find whatever this is after someone passes
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If this does end up working well or being proven, can you imagine, like bedrooms being outfitted with this normally so that people generally sleep in these Chambers where you have a lot of oxygen coming in, and then it's something that will monitor your sleep patterns and then reduce the oxygen to normal levels and then backed. Interesting concept anyways