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Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 0:29

More Wind in My World

article image placeholderWicked Wind of Storm Ellen
I'm in Columbill County, Temporary, Ireland, and we have 25 to 30 kilometer per hour winds as a major Yale approaches, what does it sound like when you're part of the world? I'll stick a picture over on Instagram so you can see the trees are below

I love the sound of rustling leaves:

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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 0:41

Umbrella ☂️ In Hand . . . . 🌧️

Hey, good morning, Bernie. It's a little after seven, about five after seven. I'm out here in the backyard with Max umbrella in hand because we have some rain going hit some rain earlier. Another going to be a rainy morning this morning. So as far as the leaves and the trees, well, the Birch tree is starting to drop some leaves as well as the Walnut tree getting our day started here
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