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Caleb Paul

 · 2yr ago · 3:38
How do you know you exist if you are born with your 5 senses "not working at all", with no type of interaction with the outside world at all?

"…And even if somebody tries to explain to you what vision is like, even if somebody tries to explain to you with words that there is something out there that you can see, even if they give all kinds of details, you cannot really process that information, the information they give you because you can't Warp your head around this sense of vision. Like if somebody talks to you about form, they may say, okay, form and color is like this or that.…"



Poker Man

 · 2yr ago · 1:34

"…So I don't know if I'd be able to feel that me breathing to feel myself breathing. I guess that would be a sign that I exist. And also, have you ever been in an elevator where the elevator goes up and down? I'm imagining being picked up and being carried and just feeling like I'm moving around. That would tell me I exist. And then there's my brain, the thinking.…"