Tony Mosesso
@tonymo · 1:37

Bye Weeks for Fans

When you're a College football player, your biweek hits. Basically, you know, you might get an extra couple of rest days in there. You get an extra week to prepare for the next team on your schedule. It's basically, you know, a free every week in the sense of you're going to have practices, obviously, as you normally would. But there's a lot more long term preparation because you've got two weeks instead of one
phil spade
@Phil · 1:53

It's a bye week for everyone this weak

There is really, really not much that I find particularly intriguing this week. I think it is a very weak week and I'll actually be at Keenland, so I will actually be pretty immersed in horse racing this weekend. There's the basic tips on sale as well. So I'll be looking at yearlings. I'll be up early and it'll be a horse weekend and it's a perfect weekend to do that
Brady Poppler
@bradypoppler · 1:21
Like Phil said, almost all teams are on a bi week. There's only, like, one or two games that I can see that are going to be really good games like Oregon, UCLA is probably going to be a decent game, and that's got some pact. Twelve implications. But other than that, there's not too many games that are going to be close. So like, take a bye week off, maybe watch some College football