Spiritualism should be taught in schools

Good day, people around the world. This is Tony Tone, Ble borderline Entertainment. Today I would like to challenge a debate. Now, I understand that we removed religion and spirituality from schools. That was because I feel that we were putting one on a pedestal and neglecting the others. And then after time I noticed that it was the fact that individuals were practicing freely their spiritualism and religion

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It's like almost too many menu options. We go into decision paralysis and not necessarily being able to come up with an answer. And I think the same is true if you offer too much of nuance and complexity around religion and spirituality. Then it begins to dissolve the very idea of spirituality and religion, not belief in general, because we said we can't get rid of that as humans, right? But I think that there is still a place, necessary place for religion within society
Jeremiah Myer
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And I'm not saying that it can't be, but they've done some polling asking people what their faith was and what religion they subscribed to. And the largest group was spiritual but not religious. So I think that there is an opportunity and folks recognize that spirituality is important right now as a humankind. And I can only really speak strongly about where I come from, which is the United States
Rosebud and Sprout
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So I find this question very interesting because number one, it has to do with school. And number two, it's that divide in our thinking what spirituality is and what religion is. But we have that divide, like I said, based off of people's practices, how they practice, the way to reach that higher power or to reach that source energy or the creator. So I'm curious, I'm really curious