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Help me with a story! (Process, not plot!)

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"…So do I scrap it and start over? Do I just pick up where I left off? And if I do, how do I get consistency of voice and tone? Given that I'm 25 years older? And dare I say, wiser than I was a quarter century ago, someone I was mentioning this to someone else and someone said, hey, why don't you just stop the story where you did before and say that's what I thought when I was 27.…"

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N of Y

@TRT · 1yr ago · 1:02

"…Still have got some time to finish the unfinished work and catch up with those characters lost back in time. So this is what I think. Thank you.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1yr ago · 1:14

"…Tim, what a cool opportunity here to speak in some ways to your younger self, and not in just the fullhearted nature of what you had to say then, but also, well, maybe some of those elements then that you could have lost now that passion, that vigor we had when we were younger, the feeling that we knew everything. There's something romantic about that in a way.…"

So much potential here. @Tim


Ramya V

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"…So what I was thinking of there is that those two years kind of gives you a little bit of maneuvering space to kind of show how your protagonist world view has altered so dramatically, which would, in a way, explain the sudden shift in tone or voice or whatever. So you could try and bring in some life changing event that happened to your protagonist, which kind of makes him or her the way they are right now. And that would probably justify this abrupt departure in the voice of your character.…"



phil spade

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"…Tim, you know, my first thought was exactly what your friend had mentioned. You know, if there's a way to weave in both, I don't know whether a flashback could even be done in that scenario, but you had said that it probably is not going to work. And so then my that tells me that you tell the story as you did when you wrote it 25 years ago, and you're in the mind of who you were 25 years ago. And that perspective.…"



Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Sudha Varadarajan

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"…So if your story is going to be set in the 90s, then yes, I would say I think Ramya gave an excellent suggestion to go through a life changing event. But if you're looking for the story to be set in the current decade, then I think you're going to have to go down the path of rewriting the first part of your story, in which case, I think your tone just flows from there.…"

No devices😱


Tim Ereneta

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"…Hey, swell. I wanted to update you of where I landed with this, and, oh, I appreciate everyone's advice. I started working on the second half of the story. There's a lot of mechanical work work to do. The plot is kind of based on a Russian fairy tale, so there's a lot of convoluted plot points, which I had to translate into first person memoir. Here's how I felt about this and then this happened.…"

where I have ended up


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