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OMG!!! Where to Begin?! #wecandothis

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I'm reflecting to a time when I was a math coach and my mentor, Miss Newbie, she would always tell me make a list, make a list, make a list and be very specific. Write it all down, get it out of your brain and then prioritize it. Knock out what you can knock out. Get done what you can get done. Write it down so that you can see when you cross it out something happens in your brain

The to do list seems to multiply by the second! Pause for a second, and be nive to yourself! #timemanagement #justdoit #todolist #youcandoit

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#inspire #parent #mother #selflove

And I'm so excited that you're able to just kind of relax and be as you are and reclaim your sovereignty and not feel like you are behind or needing to do anything at all other than just be because we all need to just be sometimes. So thanks for being that voice and that message. May it go on to inspire others tonight and tomorrow. But yeah, cheers to you. Bye
Tiffany Richie
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And it's not for lack of support that I haven't been able to. My husband has been encouraging me for years, but just being stubborn and always putting others before myself, I haven't done. So, yes, it is an amazing feeling. It is an amazing journey. And yeah. So thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback, and I pray you are enjoying the same. Thank you
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