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Smelly & Sketchy | Random

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Hey. Good people happiness. Is it just me, or is anyone else finding themselves? Always feeling apprehensive about the cleanliness at the restaurant and the handling of the food? I don't care what restaurant I'm at. I'm always second guessing something. But, hey, let me know what you're doing. Is it just me? Is it just the season? What? But I'm cooking at home. veggies and all that. Chuck y'all be good

Im feeling #uncertain about the #cleanliness at these #restaurants.

Tina Jackson
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Hey there, Smelly and Sketchy. Just wanted to say no. You ain't the only one, girl. I used to never think about stuff like that, but as I've gotten older and after the pandemic, it's just and I worked in restaurants very temporarily, but it was very unclean. Yeah. And I'm sorry, I'm just waking up. I had bad experiences with someone. He didn't clean his hands, and I got sick
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