Hello. Hi. My name is Pati. Today this is my first swell. If I talk about myself so I am a person who loves nature. Who loves to travel a lot. I love to make friends. I love to talk sometimes. I love me time. I love to be quiet sometimes. Generally I love to talk about life. What is life? Life. If I explain life in one sentence then it is life is clueless

who am I?

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Aishani Chatterjee
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Hi Swati. Welcome on swell. My name is Aishani and I'm a part of the Swell team. Since you mentioned that you are someone who is a believer in spirituality. Along with this reply, I am attaching a link to another Swell which I think you might really like. So do give that Swell a listen and if you like it, do drop a reply on it to share your perspective and welcome. One sabin
article image placeholderLets talk about co-incidence . Sharing an anecdote from my life
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