The Confessions of 2 Beary Tired Mamas

That being said, we're about to get very real about pregnancy and what it did to our bodies and kind of all the stuff that was just, like, never talked about to us that we were shocked to find out and just our experiences with different pregnancies and how hard it can be. So if you're interested in hearing about that, please stay tuned, and I'm going to let miss Jenna introduced herself

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Jenna Morton · 4:42
Hello, everyone. Thank you for listening in to our first broadcast. So as Ashley said, our goal is to share with you all about our experiences with being pregnant and in postpartum because everyone's experiences are so different and we, we just want to show you that there is a difference. But there are also some things that we had similar experiences with. So we just want to share all that with you guys and be honest about our experience to hopefully help you in your motherhood journey
Ashley Benitez
@thismamastired · 4:57

And he put all the air vents on me, and he was like, hey, I have this protein shake. Why don't you drink this? I bet it's your blood sugar. So I drank the protein shake, I stayed in the air conditioning, and for me, shopping day was over. I was done. I was just ready to go. So that was my first pregnancy, and I threw up the whole time, and I gained £40. I was just I was huge
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They put their body through that. And that just amazes me that people do that when they have a tough pregnancy. So whether your pregnancy was smooth or rough, we would love for you to share with us. By clicking the reply button and record your story, you get up to five minutes to record your story. So we are looking forward to hearing our listener stories as well
Ashley Benitez
@thismamastired · 0:34

Also, I just wanted to add on to what Jenna said. If you're pregnant right now and you're going through a hard time and it's exhausting and it's not what you thought it was, and you're, like, literally just hating it, you're not a bad person. You're not going to be a bad mom. Pregnancy is so hard