The Art of Collaboration and Teamwork is Alive and Well on Swell

So we're kind of know, navigating through the waters of this platform and making new friends here and learning from each other. And Rooster has been a great part of that. So I thank him for that. One person I really have to say thank you to is Evelyn at Lady Phi, one of the first content creators I met through swell. And through these past few months, she has provided me with some great insight into how beneficial sharing information is

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Rooster Collins
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Yeah, man, I appreciate you, and I appreciate this app. And I say let's keep growing. Let's discuss ideas, let's keep feeding off of each other and just exploring and accepting our differences, celebrating our differences and coming to a unity
Rooster Collins
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So it's a Google search away. Honestly, the Internet is a wild place. I don't know if you know this, but people get doxed, they get swatted, they get all kinds of stuff. And I've been terrified of that, because people are vicious, and people. I've pissed specific groups of people off. And you talk a lot of shit on the Internet, and things can just happen to you. Even saying it out loud
Rooster Collins
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And then if we all collaboration on it, we can use it to generate revenue, just split it amongst the contributors. But for my portion, it's going to be driven towards charitable organizations. And it's also, I think, a means to highlight organizations and artists that we like. That's what I want to do, is use it to highlight people like Leanne, people like lady five, people like Phil, everybody, all these amazing people that are making
Bruno Pavlicek, PhD
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As we brainstorm ideas or share our mutual expertise and working towards a common goal, it's always good to collaborate with people. Two heads are better than one, and two heads are better than two. I mean, three heads are better than two, and so on and so on. So, anyway, glad to hear your broadcast here, and thank you again. Looking forward to more. Thank you. Simon
Simon De La Rosa III
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And even before I went to work and in high school when I was class president, I used to collaborate with a great number of people to get things done, and there was no feeling like it in the world, especially when you saw this many people getting together for one cause, and it producing something so great that everybody felt good about it. And of course, it forged a lifetime memory
Natasha Nurse
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Collaboration is key 🔥 #content #creators #activity

You. Thank you for your importance. Well, I 1000% agree. Communication, collaboration is everything. Whether we're talking about the workplace, or in a more entrepreneurial space, or even in our personal and family lives, we have to be able to understand how to engage with each other
Leanne Pritchett
@TheMs.Leanne · 0:49
There are so many spaces I've tried where people aren't very positive and they aren't very collaborative. And it's really nice to belong to a community that is so, thank you so very much for bringing up this topic. And I really appreciate you as well. Thanks. Bye
Simon De La Rosa III
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And that's the beauty of this digital exchange of ideas. So I can't talk enough about it. I talked to my colleagues about it. They're still amazed that I even do mean, they knew I was in radio, but now they're listening more and they're listening to others more. It's kind of contagious for so. But anyway, again, Leanne, thank you so much for stopping by and replying to the reply. Take care. Bye
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Simon De La Rosa III
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Because I would have never known you had you not replied to this swellcast. But then I would have never known the knowledge that you shared had it not been for this swellcast. So communication is just fantastic. That's my field of expertise, is communication. That's where my master's and my bachelor's degrees are in
Rooster Collins
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@TheSimonShow @DressingRoom8

I think you two would get along. And Miss Leanne, of course, is always fantastic. All this. Look at us special education teachers and Natasha, who is a mom with a child and me with children. And so what brought us all here, what connects all of us together in such a wonderful, beautiful way?
Natasha Nurse
@DressingRoom8 · 1:48

Thanks! #appreciate #community #celebrate

You. Thanks so much. I also really love this platform because it is an opportunity to hear diverse perspectives, I would say. I don't necessarily always agree with all the perspectives I hear, which is a wonderful space to be in intentionally, to put yourself where you can try to think through, how you can see your own perspective differently
Rooster Collins
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I don't know why you think that anyone's trying to convert anyone to anything. Natasha and I. I don't know what's happening. I don't know what. The conversion thing. There's no conversion. I accept you. You accept me. Simon accepts me. Everyone accepts everyone. Why are you so upset about everything?