Technology in Special Education

They are trying to put food on the table, take care of their student, clothe them, get their basic needs met, and if a piece of equipment breaks down, they don't have time to sit there and call people and figure it out and go through the manual. Okay. And a lot of specialists do not consider the student's home life and their socioeconomic status and a lot of other things that might come into play. So that's the first part of my no

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Simon De La Rosa III
@TheSimonShow · 3:51
And then they're learning with my aides and I going around the room, and if they have questions, of course they ask us. They start to learn the concepts more through repetition and it's a great marriage. So I understand your situation as far as technology and special education, but everybody uses it how they best understand their students. I think that's the best thing that you can do
Leanne Pritchett
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But at the same time, yeah, I do have to kind of fight back a little bit because especially on the medical side, they'll be like, well this is the best. This is the best. And they'll keep pushing it. And I'm like, okay, it's a $5,000 piece of equipment that's going to collect dust in their house. So anyway, there's that. But yeah, I totally agree with you and I love listening to your podcasts as well