माँ के बिना जीवन ठीक वैसा ही है जैसे चाशनी के बिना जलेबी और माँ के साथ जीवन उतना ही आसान हो जाता है जितना पहियों की सहायता से रोज़ की ज़िन्दगी। माँ, भगवान का दूसरा नाम ही तो है! Pic Credit- Aman Bhonsale 🤍

Hello, everyone. Thank you

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Post graduate. Thank you so much
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My mother! #poem #swellcast #poetsofswell #DishTales

Hello. Namaste. My name is Disha Gapar and I'm a 17 year old humanity student from Mumbai. And this is a poem which I wrote when I was very young, around I was in fourth grade. So it goes like this. My mother she's a writer, she's a writer. She is one of a kind. She's an artist, she's a friend. She's hard to find. She's also a teacher and a fighter. Above all, a true lover
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Hi, Ma'am. Good evening
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Hey Saumya. Wonderful. Amazing. Mind blowing. Even words. Come here. Kyuki is one. Maki habari. Surprise. Panikiyamananiki puri. My son
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Namaste prabha here, ma the topic, ma. It's an endless topic. Joshi hamara strength. That's what it is said. Harajagabagawan janam nayle paingay isan harek living being co. Mahe. Wandaniyahe, she is the first teacher and she is a divine. Soul to be respected, loved. Nothing else. You cannot measure the love for your mother. Mother is a divine word, which is a blessed one for everybody. Those who do not have will know the feeling of that
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Hello, Vipanji. Namashka replies lover. And I am so happy for you
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Hello, ji. Namashkari. Mother, we have to go to colleges and then we stay in hostel
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I liked the entire poem a lot but this last line just had my heart which read my heart will be yours and your love will be mine. You write so beautifully. I'm so glad that you replied. Thank you
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Hello. Jay Namashkari poems. Mother or child? Thank you so much for replying so beautifully
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Hello, Shibaji. Good evening. Thank you for replying. This is something which is very true
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Hello, Prabha. Endless topic and I am really blessed to hear you