Deepali Parmar

@TheCreativeCure·3mo ago·5:00

Does art have any uses?


"…Whenever we paint, and thankfully, in our childhood, almost every one of us was allowed to paint freely, and perhaps because no one really mostly cared that what we are doing in our art was not a problem like it was with academics. Have you finished your homework? Was never asked when you're practicing art or just doodling as a child. And so there is this experience in our memories and collective memories which is so overlooked, undermined and underestimated.…"

Lets explore.


Deepali Parmar

@TheCreativeCure · 3mo ago · 5:00

"…Don't think of an idea to paint an even if you do, doesn't matter. But focus on the feelings it creates in you, the sensations it creates in you, the thought it brings to you. But more importantly, the feelings and sensations.…"

More on the power of art.

Ketki Bansode

@Ketkiii3 · 3mo ago · 0:32

"…Hello, Deepali Ma'am. I really like your swell. It does make me think, like, what is actually the use of art? Maybe just an eye pleasing art or just to take out our imagination out on the paper. But you really opened my perspective on it. And thank you. It was a really nice well, keep posting. Bye.…"

Deepali Parmar

@TheCreativeCure · 3mo ago · 1:14

"…Hello, cat key. Catkey three. I love that name. So wonderful to hear from you. Thank you. Yes, I'm glad that at least one person to begin with. Now, this is my first pose that has my sharing has given some insight to you. And you will look at it a little more Deepali, little more exploratory and try out. See, one suggestion I'll make is when you paint or draw, see how it makes you feel.…"


Kritika Saraf

@ksaraf1312 · 2mo ago · 0:16

"…Definitely art have many uses for me it is the best part to do because firstly I like it very much and secondly, it is a therapy for me like I enjoy doing it.…"



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