I Guess…

And all the people who, the columnists and op ed writers and all the people who daily just gave you something to think about to let your day feel different, live and direct. Right then, right there. You might have forgotten about the craft, but it did forget about you, though. We live in an age of over information, guess what? The real useful, tangible things are still just that. Just like authenticity. Just like one's ability to get thoughts out there

i loved it enough to never stop giving it to you. #art #love #dreams #music #soul #mpc #akai #livemusic

Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:30
Hey, Darrain, I love the message here again, man. I really dig your style. You got some good, heartfelt messages, and it sounds like it just. Yeah, like I said, it comes from the heart, and I think we need more of that all the time. And it's cool to be discovering that here on this app