Indiana Jones and the Disney of Destiny

Yes, you can look at other franchises where they're trying to update and keep it going and preserve the name, if you will, make more movies, make more merchandise. I understand how these corporations think. This is not news, too, by the way. Let's be honest. There is always that back and forth of what is genuine and disingenuous when it comes to a lot of these things, and most of it's for sales purposes, merchandising opportunities, if you will

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And I remember thinking about The Goonies and if they did a sequel to that, and maybe there's just some that just need to be let go, just rest in what they were. Because for Indiana Jones, I think these other ones are just there was some good quality there. And now what is going on? I don't even know
Theo Seibold
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You. Hey, it's Theo. Thank you so much for chiming in. Always great when you add to the conversation. And, yeah, Hollywood loves a short thing. Even now, it's interesting to kind of see how, because you have so many Ford markets and you have so many streaming services, you don't necessarily have to go through Holly it to make a movie. I mean, independent filmmaking has been around for a long time