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Hey everyone. This is tania Im originally from mexico so I⁇m going to be sharing with you the stories about my life every day some thoughts as well Im going to be riding some poems in spanish and English I hope you enjoy my channel and follow me. Let me know what you think? By


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https://s.swell.life/STf5JISb0ZaIHjG #poetry

You towards Im cropping a link to a swell cast that I enjoy by a swell user that I really like who writes poetry in multiple languages and always beautiful so maybe enjoy connecting with them or just checking up their content and yeah, let me know if theres anything else and welcome
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Hola, Tania. Mucho gusto. ¿Cómo le va? My name is Luis. My podcast here is called the Peace Program. I have a regular podcast called the Peace Program as well. I am a certified counselor here in the state of Texas. I specialize in suicide prevention and psychological and emotional trauma. Sí, tienes razón. Es bueno ser bilingüe. Es divertido. Es genial. Bueno, yo soy trilingüe. Hablo inglés, español y italiano
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