Today 2/1/24

You. So this is Tracy Antoine. I am here this morning. This is my first swell as of February 1, 2024. I didn't realize it was only five minutes because I recorded and ran out of time. So I am back. But I just wanted to basically state today started off very early for me. 215 this morning I was up getting ready to get my husband up to go to work. He had to leave Lake Charles at 03:00 a.m. I am a praying wife

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Ava K
@Learningtobeme · 1:30
Hey, Tracy, this is Ava here. Welcome to swell. It was really nice knowing you with the information you shared. And I know it's difficult with our conditions, being wives and moms, to deal with the issue of question. We all go through this, but I'm hopeful that we will, together as a group, be able to find some better solutions of this issue instead of just kind of depending on the medication part
Tracy E Antoine
@TEA_Firm24 · 0:32


Hey. Hello, Ava. This is Tracy. I thank you so much for responding and giving your words of wisdom and encouragement. I agree that we need to kind of stick together and talk things out and just go through this journey together. So again, I do appreciate your reply, and you have a wonderful day, and take care. Bye