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Covid crisis at a high school in Georgia.

article image placeholderTeen who shared photo of packed high school hallway says she's receiving threats
The school then decides to suspend the student who posted the photo on social media as if that will really accomplish anything at all. And guess what? As of Sunday, it's being reported that nine students at the school tested positive for COVID, so they closed the school down. And now the student who posted the photo has been receiving threats from students at the school who are angry with her because she shared the photo and it resulted in school closures

https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/10/us/paulding-school-crowded-halls-threats/index.html #news #covid #schools

Angel Junio
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You know, this whole pandemic has really been quite frustrating because we are one of the only developed nations that's having this half of the time with it. I run HR for Global Company and we're looking at reopening in other offices because other offices have been in countries where they lock down and take it very seriously. Like, for example, in the UK, there was a distance radius that you could go
Bowie Rowan
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Taylor, I'm also glad that you shared an update about this and what the response was to this girl sharing this photo. It really is alarming to me because I think that it is an example of something that's been happening more and more, but on a smaller scale. So the initial response to this team sharing this photo was punishment. And do we really want to live somewhere where people are punished for sharing the truth and sharing things that are advocating for the safety of others?
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