What is cosmic love ?

So what is cosmic love according to you? Because many people have come across this word all these years, been a random search in everyone's life to know what is cosmic love and what is cosmic connection action. Is it related with your spirituality or is it related with two persons? Love between two persons. So I'm very interested to talk about this topic and want to know what is cosmic love according to your perspective. Let's talk and discuss about this topic

What is meaning of cosmic love according yo you as many have come up with different definitions so far. #cosmiclover #cosmic #cosmos

vaibhav behl
@vaibhavbehl · 1:48
Okay. To be honest, according to me, cosmic love is something that Radamathan Khanah had. Cosmic love is something that, you know, like, it's just that when you see somebody and you see someone and you really like them, like your crush or something, so your heartbeat just elevates you short, breathing over. But when you find that person, they say you have that cosmic love, you just get calm. Like, you have the sense of calmness, and you just smile