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If I have to say the obvious, why should I say it at all? I prefer silence. If I have something new to say, I will let it out. But maybe I will still prefer silence. A lonely lotus in a lonely lake in a strange jungle can be hush hush about its impeccable beauty. Then I would prefer my most beautiful thoughts to be like that like that lotus in the wild, away from the world chilling away in its own thrilling

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@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 2:20
So silence is better in that option. So it was really an interesting take and the way you had presented it as to the power of silence and the necessity for silence in preference towards so I really like that play that you had used and the other one was the imagery of the lotus. And this is really cool because the lotus is what it is in the forest or the jungle and being beautiful and I really like that imagery. And also there is no need
Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:28
Simply you have moved on. So most of the time, silence shows solutions for many problems in our life. That is what I absolutely believe. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful poem with us, Tara
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Tara pushkar
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Hey, Candylives. Thank you so much for listening to my poetry and I am really sorry. As always, I have been replying very, very late on these messages, but I am always been a very good listener, so I get lost in my own realms at times. So I appreciate your attentive reading of each line. And when you say that you have marinated on onlines for a day, that really means a lot to me
Tara pushkar
@Tarapushkar · 0:28


Hey, Gauri. Thank you so much for listening to my poetry, as always, and sharing your expressions through my poetry. And that's what I love it. Thank you so much. And I'm really, really sorry for replying. You always late. As like I said, I am sometimes into a different realm of life. So thank you so much and keep sharing your beautiful words. Thank you