Sound of existence

These trees, the mountains, the sky, the space all the same, yet different in their own place I pondered are the birds ever get bold? Or mountains? Do they ever get bold with sameness of it all which is so unexplored? But then I saw as they look to the sky above in fact trees look to the sky, flowers look to the sky, birds flies above to the sky

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Kavya .
@Kavya13 · 1:03
Hey. Your poetry is really captivating and beautifully crafted. And your words, the way you use the words and weave together, it really creates an vivid imagery and each line is masterpiece. And it's very soothing. It very soothing to listen, it's very peaceful and carefully chosen to convey your thoughts and feelings. And your metaphors and symbolism really puts an executive layer of meaning to your verses. And your poetry is really unique and has a different perspective, which is really soothing to our hearts
Junaid Ashraf Kutay
@junaidashraf10 · 1:01
Hello. And quite a mesmerizing combination of words as well as the voice, which has been used here to depict scenes and the message by a poet like you. So, as much as I heard your podcast and the lines, I was totally enchanted in the world. And the lines made me imagine a world where I was part of it and how your lines carved out to be the structure of my world and how it defined what I have to do and how I'll be going on here
Swell Team
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Tara pushkar
@Tarapushkar · 0:28


Hey, Kavya. Thank you. Thank you so much for your kind words about my poetry, and I'm looking forward more to hear from you. Also, I was little away from my phone. I was just on some very much spiritual holidays, so I was enjoying that. So I am really, really happy to hear from you, and I'm looking forward to hear more. Thank you
Tara pushkar
@Tarapushkar · 0:15


Hey. Thank you, Janice, for listening to my poetry and your kind words about the poetry that you have written, the whole purpose that you have already said. And thank you so much. Looking forward to hear from you more. Thank you