Tanisha Peter
@Tanisha_18 · 4:33

Just do it:live your life with no regrets!

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I never knew swimming earlier, but I jumped from a very height in a swimming pool. I didn't really know what could even happen, but I did that. Just be crazy. Don't take too much of it so that you might end up hurting yourself. Just be happy. Just smile. Just have fun. Just imagine for once that your life is a movie and just do everything you want. Just write your own script. Be your movie's main character

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Zayima Rahman
@zayima_rahman · 0:40

Absolutely agreed

You know, there are often times like you hesitate before you do something. It's like you think that Loki. Should I even go for it? Maybe it's like a new date after breakup. Or maybe it's it's a solo trip, actually. But with my experience, I would just say that go for it, man. Life is too short to not have these little experiences. You never know how that trip might turn turn out to be, or how that date would go
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