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God stoped time! It is wrtten in the bible. Joshua 10:12-14 the day the sun stood still in the sky

MMM. Hello. So today I'm gonna be reading Joshua 1012 through 14. And the sun stopped in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day. Wow. And so I've seen an article, the article of the picture, and there's the missing day from Sir Lionel Lucku. And anyway, I just wanted to share it. It was something in my mom's poems and songs and things, and I just wanted to share it with everybody

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Stopped for the blessing of the battle

There's a lot of ridiculous things out there. And to me, I don't need to prove anything to anybody. I've gotten to that point. I've been saved by faith. And what it says in one corinthians you'll have to look this up. I'm not sure, but there's a verse in somewhere in the New Testament that might have been first Timothy that talks about whoever is perishing sees the cross as foolishness, and whoever is perishing, they worship like the Jews
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MMM. Yes. We know that God can do anything. He can move mountains. He can part the sea. He can stop time. It's all in the Bible. Period. I grew up in church. We moved a lot, and we got to be in all kinds of religions. Mom was a minister for. I felt the presence of God many times. You can smell God's presence when it's strong enough. I believe in all the power of his Holy Spirit