Oraida Levi
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Diaries of a Single Person ❤️- Processing a Breakup

It is kind of cringe, but I did go through that where a lot of family and friends at the time were telling me, you need to get yourself out there. You need to start dating again. And even though it was something that I personally didn't want to do, I did test those waters, and it was terrible because I still had not processed my own feelings

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ash dew
@ashdew · 2:27
And then investing your time, emotions, everything into it. My God, it just sounds too much of an effort to me at the moment. So I feel that it is best to just take the time that one wants to take. If something is meant to be organically, maybe it will just happen, and we don't need to really go out and seek somebody. But then, having said that, your friends will always try to hook you up with somebody
Oraida Levi
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Hello, Ash. Thank you so much for responding to this episode of Diaries of a Diaries. Diaries, diaries. Single person processing breakup that's pretty much it's important to heal. And I'm at a space that my life where I understand that family and friends, they sometimes do things out of the kindness of their hearts, even though blind dates are not appreciated. And it could be very draining if you're not really ready to go out there and explore