You can live through, most things

So I looked at factory rebooting my phone and I even ordered a little SSD drive for the phone, a Samsung SSD drive to back up my data. So basically, once I backed the phone up, what I had on my phone would come back up. Well, as you probably guessing, that didn't happen. And I was really hurt by it

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Lolita Eaddy
@Woodiemountain · 0:41
You. Yeah. I do understand you 100% about letting things that happens in life gets to you. Been there, did that. It's not a good feeling. But as you said, don't let it get to you. It already happened and is still here. So you have to learn to take a breath and relax and say, it's okay. I can get through this. Thanks for sharing, Tim. I appreciate
Tim Robinson
@takeitfromtim · 1:25


So I appreciate you sharing your experiences from going through that. And I appreciate, again, you showing learn well, because I'm really enjoying it and I'm thankful for you for introducing it to me. So we'll talk soon. You take care. Bye bye for now