Never let anyone, steal your joy!!

It's when you let someone that may be jealous or maybe they have not found what it is that is their strength that they bring to the table, rob you of your joy and what you bring to the table. And what I'm saying to you today is to, first of all, if this is someone in your circle or someone that is around you, and regardless of the relationship, if everything that they say or whatever way they treat you is negative, let them go

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Pritha Lal
@lifecoachPritha · 1:34
Thank you, Tim. I needed this today. My day started with a lot of things I needed to get done in the morning, but because of things completely outside my control, because of some situations that I tried my best to resolve, but it just came back. It just left me in such a space of feeling irritated. And I tried my best to be rational about it, but it just. For. For some minutes there, it stole my joy. And then I regrouped myself
Tim Robinson
@takeitfromtim · 2:23


And the message that I had on here was just a reminder to grab and cease hold of your control. Appreciate you so much, and I am so glad that you were able to turn that around. And I will look forward to hearing more of your squirrels as well as you listening to mine. You're a great supporter. You have a wonderful day and a wonderful week because you're a wonderful person. Take care. Bye bye for now