Every time I think, I thank!

Because of personal experiences I've had in my life. Now, I'm not drawn to any particular type of religion or denomination, even though I do worship at a nondenominational church. And I've been there for ten years. But I had a little absence in the middle, but I'm back. But I'm a very grateful person. I'm a very appreciative person. And I was sharing with them a story about one time the spirit came upon me and I just got out of my car

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Andrea Piggue
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I can just think about things that God has done for me today. He woke me up this morning. He started me on my way. I was able to clothe myself. I was able to walk. I was able to talk. I was able to feel the pain that I have in my body, my God. I was able to talk to my children. I was able to talk to my grandchildren. I was able to hear. I was able to see. I was able to breathe
Tim Robinson
@takeitfromtim · 3:01


It really refreshed me, it woke me up, it revitalized me and it just made me feel so appreciative and so grateful and just so blessed. And I thank God for that. And I thank God that the message was well received. And I thank God that you got the spirit that the Lord gave me to get the message out to the people. Hallelujah. Glory to God. He's a wonderful God. Yes, he is. Amen. Thank you, Lord
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Tim Robinson
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Ooh, the song came into my mind. He'll do what no other power, nothing but holy ghost power can do. So trust and believe, be thankful, be vigilant, be on guard, and be ready at all times, because hallelujah. We never know the day nor the hour. So right now, we walk in the spirit that is covered by the blood of Jesus. Under the anointing of his blood. Be encouraged, be mindful, be vigilant. Hallelujah