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I need to know his name

And because of the different names, this individual was having a problem in recognizing who the higher power actually was for them. So this individual said that they prayed and they prayed and they prayed that they would know his name. They said, I want to know your name, and they prayed it. And then a name was revealed to them and it aligned them with the way of teaching and the way that they wanted to serve

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The way people refer to me as, right, wife, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, friend, coworker, fellow worshipper, et cetera. 200% with you there. The story that you mentioned about, what is the name of that higher power that I can associate with? I'm a Hindu, and if you know a little bit about Hinduism, you know, we have lots of gods, and each God has a different name. Are they all different gods?
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And I really like that because I would be under the agreement of that as well. And I think with the scriptures in Christianity, when Moses asked, what is your name? Who should I say sent me? He said, tell them I am. I am that I am. And what I've heard over years is that we really couldn't box up his name because he is so divine